Monday, 2 February 2015

Quality in the workplace

Is it me?
Not so long ago I came home to a notice from daughter number 2's school.  The school was planning a beach trip to participate in an "Education Outside The Classroom" programme. We are, of course, expected to pay for this, on top of the "voluntary donation" that we are expected to pay each year. That isn't my issue. What I am concerned with, is the fact that one sentence says: " Chidlren will be carry their own packed morning tea...." Chidlren??? They "will be carry " will they?
So this is by the people who are paid to educate our children? What steps are put in place to perform quality checks on the work that the educators perform? By the look of this note, and some of the notices / posters around the place, none.
So, Is it me? (I fully expect that I have misspelled words or even made grammatical errors, so no chocolate fish for spotting them)
However, what quality checks do we put in place within our workplace?  Do we check that the communications we send out are accurate and timely?  Do we check the quality of the builds we do when handing over a new PC to a customer, or a new server?  How many changes fail due to errors - do you know or measure it?
There are many quality checks that we ought to be making on a daily basis, but don't.  The time has come to start to improve in this area.
Checklists are essential, yet so often overlooked, because we are so busy. +Rob England has made a good start with his Basic Service Management site which I recommend, but I would recommend you to think, write and review your own as well, to make sure that you check your own and your team's work.  
Remember, it's all about perception.